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20/02/2017ptcclickers.tkjust got my firast payment from ptcclickers
18/02/2017hqclix.netSCAM SITE
18/02/2017hqclix.netSCAM SITE
18/02/2017hqclix.netSCAM SITE
31/01/2017provertiser.comVERY BIG SCAM !!!!!! NOT PAYING!! I have lost a lot !!! Be aware of the scammer
31/01/2017todayclix.comHello members and PtcMonitor , thanks so much to add Notes : sloved
28/01/2017cartptc.comReceived Payment 0.01 USD from account U12039975
24/01/2017bits2u.comcheck the Bits2u review on 3rd party site:
14/01/ (Relaunch)Domain expires in May 2017
13/01/2017adzclicks.comThis site is a scam He says We have paid for you but I can not find anything
04/01/2017finaxbux.comScam Not paying for me
29/12/2016pm7clix.comYou only can view 3 advertisements per day and forum closed..
28/12/2016eusbux.comYou IP has visited this ad in less than 24 hours...
24/12/2016smybux.comBandwidth Limit Exceeded
24/12/2016planetclix.netMembership : Standard - 2$ deposit, for 1st cashout (Depositar para cobrar)
23/12/2016planetclix.netMembership : Standard - 2$ deposit, for 1st cashout
03/12/ is under a new administration
27/11/2016ready-cash24.euNov 27 2016 11:48:33 AM - Completed
26/11/2016ready-cash24.euI will still pay for all open payments until the weekend.
22/11/2016bits2u.comAhora a mejorado el script de su PTC esta mucho mejor. Saludos
16/11/2016advtpacks.comMuy lioso el método para cobrar, leerlo bien!!
15/11/ No rentar referidos son malísimos
15/11/2016hitclickflow.comPago recibido en el acto!! Sitio Muy recomendable
15/11/2016ready-cash24.euPago pedido (Dice que paga a los 7 días)
14/11/2016planetclix.netPago recibido!!
12/11/2016planetclix.netPago pedido por Payza
11/11/2016onclix.usNiaz Hussain monta sitios scam
09/11/2016adprist.comValidar Anuncio: Esperar y darle al símbolo del OK
09/11/2016lynkadoo.comsolicite el pago y a los 2 dias cerraron mi cuenta y no tengo forma de entrar al
02/11/2016ptcrevenue.comEs el admin de cjbux:
31/10/2016wowptc.comminimum cashout is $2
31/10/2016wowptc.comNo perdería el tiempo en este sitoo
30/10/2016priusads.comYa dicen por el foro que es Scam
29/10/2016onads.usGolden Membership Per Click $0.01 Direct Ref $0.0025 and Rent Ref $0.01
29/10/2016onads.usStandard Membership Per Click $0.01 Direct Ref $0.001 and Rent Ref $0.005
29/10/2016priusads.comYou only can withdraw your earnings every 7 days
29/10/2016wowptc.comYou only can view 10 advertisements per day
28/10/2016wowptc.comEl servidor va lentísimo....
28/10/2016priusads.comIt's necessary to make 80 clicks to request your payment
28/10/2016priusads.comHacen falta 80 clicks para poder cobrar
26/10/2016advertiseormake.moneyPago correcto en menos de 24 horas!!
26/10/2016priusads.comPago correcto en menos de 24 horas!!
26/10/2016advertiseormake.moneyPago pedido...
26/10/2016entirebux.net11 días desde que pedimos el pago y sin cobrar...
26/10/2016priusads.comPago pedido....
24/10/2016lifeus.usEs Scam, mismo admin que
24/10/2016clickersbux.comPago correcto en 48 horas!!
24/10/2016priusads.comHacen falta 20 clicks para poder cobrar